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PyInstaller is a Python package, installed with pip (pip install pyinstaller). PyInstaller can be installed in your default Python installation, but it’s best to create a virtual environment for...
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PyInstaller’s main advantages over similar tools are that PyInstaller works with Python 3.5—3.7, it builds smaller executables thanks to transparent compression, it is fully multi-platform, and use the OS support to load the dynamic libraries, thus ensuring full compatibility.
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hiddenimports=['cython', 'sklearn', 'sklearn.neighbors.typedefs'] 机译 我刚创建了一个小的GUI程序,可以在IPython中编译和工作,但是当我尝试使用pyinstaller将它导出到 .exe 时,它会给我一个导入错误。
PyInstaller как раз. Добыл .pyc из Linux-версии. Ответить. Download PyInstaller Extractor for free. Extract contents of a Windows executable file created by…Откосы на окна наружные металлические: Как сделать наружные металлические откосы на окна
Olen muokannut spec-tiedostoni onnistuneesti ja lisännyt kansion tietojeni kanssa siihen. Se rakentuu hyvin, mutta se ei silti voi käyttää tietoja. Kun yritän suorittaa käännetyn .exe-tiedoston, saan tämän virheen: Virhe ladattaessa My script (with the original import statements i.e. importing gdal) works fine when ran in Python but it's just PyInstaller that doesn't like it. I would really love to understand why pyinstaller doesn't like importing gdal for me.
With PyInstaller 1.5, I was using the line import numpy.core.multiarray in my source to cause the I created, with hiddenimports = ["numpy.core", "numpy.core.multiarray"] inside, but...from PyInstaller. utils. hooks import collect_submodules, collect_data_files # This hooks the scrapy project 'cot' to import all submodules, change name to match scrapy project: hiddenimports = (collect_submodules ('cot')) from PyInstaller import is_unix ImportError: cannot import name 'is_unix'. The import error is due to some of the modules are not detected by pyinstaller.
Jul 30, 2020 · pyinstaller -F After the model is compiled successfully, run the executable, and you can see an ImportError, as shown below. So let’s fix the issue by updating the spec file. Aug 06, 2018 · The code compiles but does not run, i get the following runtime error: File 'site-packages osgeo', line 15, in swig_import_helper File '', line 296, in find_module ImportError: No module named '_gdal' this is from compiling, which has a single line: from osgeo import gdal with pyinstaller.exe --onefile --debug test1 ... hiddenimports = ['scipy._lib.%s' % m for m in ['messagestream', "_ccallback_c", "_fpumode"]] By following the above steps to include each library using hooks files, solved issues I encountered when creating the .exe using PyInstaller. Now when I run the following command, pyinstaller, an .exe file is created in the dist ...
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